About Us

     Best Utility Sink manufactures all of our sinks at our 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Brandon, SD.  We only use quality USA sourced raw materials.  We reinforce the quality of our products with an unprecedented 3 year warranty.  Manufactured with restaurant grade stainless steel that is guaranteed to never rust.  Built to last a lifetime.

      What sets our utility sinks above the rest?  Our line of utility sinks are freestanding units that can be used indoors or outdoors.  Each utility sink includes a removable counter top.  The counter top can be used for folding clothes, scrubbing stained clothing, potting plants, cutting up vegetables, butchering meat or a multitude of other uses.  Our counter tops are stainless steel and coated with a durable, non-porous, sprayed texture that is cut resistant.  The utility sinks are available in a variety of sizes for different uses.  All of our sinks can be used to wash your furry friend also!